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Republic of GhanaSYDNEY, AUSTRALIA

Visa Application Guide & Requirements

The Sydney consulate provides entry visas to Australians travelling to Ghana.

Please note, it is a Government requirement that you obtain a Visa from the Consulate in your home country. The Sydney Consulate is able to facilitate Visas for Australians abroad by arrangement.  Please email or telephone the Consulate.

Emergency visas can be arranged by appointment. Please telephone the Consulate on 02 9299 6650.

***N E W S F L A S H ***  Ghana driver licences can be authenticated by the Consulate-General to submit to the local roads and traffic authorities.

Please select a visa type below for specific application information.

NOTE:  passport photo facilities are available for purchase at the Consulate. 

What kind of visa do I need?

There are a variety of visas issued by the consulate. Please read the following to make sure you apply for the correct one.

A Transit Visa is required if you are travelling through Ghana to another neighbouring country, even if you do not leave the airport. 

A Business Visa means you are travelling for business,, for example, attending meetings or conferences to establish business connections, or to perform consultancy work in a mine. 

A Tourist Visa is required in most other cases, for example, if you are travelling for a "holiday", "to visit family" or for a "funeral". 

Diplomatic Visas and Official Visas are issued by the Sydney Consulate.  For example, if you are a Member of State Parliament or a law enforcement agency, please be mindful of the visa requirements. A note verbale is always required.  Special service levels are provided for Diplomatic and Official Visas.   

If you are part of an International organisation providing aid or some other support in Ghana, please ensure that you have the appropriate invitation letters from your agency and the receiving entity (charitable or Government).


Please read the list of persons exempted from entry visa requirements to Ghana.

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