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Ghanaian culture is diverse and a mixture of the many cultures of the Ghanaian people. There are many traditional events and festivals cerebrated each year.


Bugum Chugu - Fire Festival

Celebrated with processions, festive drumming and dancing. This popular gathering has its origins in Islam

Edina Buronya

Held on the first Thursday of the New Year by the people of Elmina. This is essentially the Ghanaian version of Christmas, established during the time of the Dutch colonialists. As well as a fish-catching ritual, there is also a great deal of drumming and

1New Years Day


Dzawuwu Festival

Every year in February the people of the Agave region stage this thanksgiving festival. The main festivities include offerings to the gods, traditional dancing and a colourful durbar of chiefs


6Independance Day



1Workers Day

25Africa Day



1Republic Day





Fao Festival

A harvest festival by the inhabitants in honour of their gods.

Agumatsa Waterfalls Festival

Celebrated by he people of the Wli Traditional area, in the Volta Region. They give thanks to God for giving them the Wli Waterfalls, since its waters are used for practically all domestic purposes. There is dancing during the durbar, which usually starts


Farmers Day

25Christmas Day

26Boxing Day

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